How to buy a star

Easy Tips on How to Buy a Star

Do you know someone who loves astronomy? Do you want to make a dedication to someone that will last forever? Do you want to show that person how much you love them? One of the greatest gifts you can give is one of a star. Show that special person that they are the star in your life by providing them with their very own star. At Name A Star Live, we offer the opportunity to not only name a star and receive a certificate, but we offer an interactive experience to show there is more to naming a star then just a piece of paper. The experience of learning how to buy a star and bringing it to life is amazing. We have been doing so for many years, and want to share it with you.


We have made the process of naming a star easier than ever before. You only have to select which gift set you want to purchase and follow the simple instructions after you checkout to choose a constellation in which your star resides. Here are the simple steps of how to buy a star:

  • First, purchase your gift set. We offer a variety of gift sets depending on the occasion for your purchase.
  • Second, you will register your star. We will provide you with information on various constellations in your hemisphere so that you can choose one that fits your situation best. Then you will dedicate your star.
  • Third, you can write an e-card. We give you the option to customize an e-card to send to the person you are giving the gift to.
  • Lastly, you will watch your star launch into space. Since 1997, we have been sending our customers’ star names into space. Launching from around the world, now four times a year, we have sent over 100,000 star names in the Earth’s orbit. Get the interactive feeling of being a part of something bigger with Name A Star Live’s interactive star naming services.

When you name a star with us, you will receive a package full of information that will bring the star owning process to life. We provide everything you need to explore the stars and find your own easily. Included are an astronomy book download, a constellation calendar, virtual planetarium software, and planisphere star finder so that you will always be able to know where your star is no matter the time of year.


I was on Aitutaki (Cook-islands) for 3 days and had two nights with perfect conditions to capture this glorious night sky.

Knowing how to buy a star is the first easy step. Just go onto our website, and you will be able to begin the process immediately. We understand the desire to be a part of something massive, and to give a gift that will last a lifetime. Buying a star is a wonderful gift that can be revisited time and time again as your star will not burn out. There is no greater way to honor someone than with their name on a star.

Another great idea that comes to mind is purchasing a star as a wedding gift. Have you ever thought about it!??

Weddings in Croatia and Wedding Invitations

 Did you recently get engaged?

Do you wish to get married abroad? This article is for all of those who just got engaged and would like to get married abroad. A lot of couple opts to have Croatia weddings. This
is due to the fact that Croatia is a tourist attraction site. Some of us have
been to Croatia while others have not. However, we all sure agree that Croatia
is a beautiful and interesting country. Below are some few reasons why one
needs a wedding planner in Croatia.


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1.The venue and location.

One receives a lot of photos and information after
sending an initial inquiry from the different venues. It is not very easy to
decide on the venue, but with the help of your wedding planner one is able to.
Visiting the venues before choosing the venue is very good, but if one cannot
be able to, don?t worry. Many couples have not been to Croatia until some few
days prior to the wedding, and were very pleased by the locations they opted
for, so don?t stress!

2.Wedding ceremony.

This is the first thing that one should decide
about. Also remember to decide the approximate number of guests one is to invite.
A wedding planner advises one on the various options when it comes to the
location and the wedding packages. Some options include civil weddings, church
weddings and symbolic weddings. Wedding planners in Croatia are famillliar with
the civil and church procedures, and advise one on all the procedures that are
necessary. One should go though these instructions and details as one asks any
question one may have. Based on the number of guests, the wedding planner
advises on the best suitable location for the wedding.

Dubrovnik Wedding IMG_5263

3.Best time for the wedding.

The timing of the wedding depends on when the couple
would like to get married. This also depends with when the guests have days off
and vacations. Checking out of flight connections and options will also assist
one have better picture of the convenient time for the wedding. June, May and
September are warm, nice and a little fresh in the evening. As for August and
July they are usually the warmest months.


These are some of the reasons why one should hire a
wedding planner in Croatia. It is advisable for one to engage the services of a
wedding planner. This is after one has chosen the wedding destination for the
wedding in Croatia. Various agencies are available and it is wise for one to
have a look at them all before settling for one. This will help one pick the
best wedding planner who will meet the expectations one has. This will give one
confidence of a perfect wedding day.

For Croatian themed wedding card invitations click visit this Pinterest page


For that perfect destination wedding one has been
dreaming of, get the best experienced wedding planner. These wedding planners
are able to work hand in hand with local wedding specialists while they help
one throughout the whole process. So don’t hesitate to call a wedding planner
in Croatia today for that professional touch in your wedding.

I do recommend WedOurWay. They are the best at what they do with over 10 years of experience and hundreds of successful weddings

Today I just received a wedding card invitation for a wedding in Croatia and I am so looking forward to it!